Discover the history of our company

Abattoirsdescrets is a wholesales distributing company with a large history of selling fresh and frozen pork products.

Top Exporters of Pork Products

We are one of the leading frozen pork exporters in the world. We comply with all international export laws and offer top quality products with outstanding services. Our prices are also very competitive. Contact us for more info.


Experts in the Meat Industry

Our pigs are fed with 100% organic food (whole soybeans, field peas, alfalfa meal) and eco-friendly meals. Our pigs are slaughtered in accordance with hygienic guidelines. Our facility maintains strict adherence to all humane animal treatments..


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They did meet our product expectations in terms of quality. We buy pork parts and products from them all the time. We would definitely recommend them!

We Offer the best quality Pork Products

Quality Pork Meat

Raising pigs has been a part of our family history for over 2 decades now. We do supply quality pig and pork products which are fed with 100% organic products.

Nutrient Rich Feeding

We do feed our pigs with a mixture of alfalfa meal with whole soybeans, field peas and other healthy ingredients suitable for cattle growth

Low Temperature Storage

Storage Of pork and pig related Products in Proper Refrigeration Systems, Cold Room Doors and Cold Room Panels

Retailing & Wholesaling Pork Products

We retail and wholesale pork products to our customers and partners. Contact us to know more on our plans.

Choose Abattoirsdescrets For Our Premium Quality Pork Products


Our customers can choose from a wide range of fresh and frozen pork and pig products. We offer excellent customer service and is a reliable partner for the retail, food service and pork processing industry.

We supply pork products to national and international retailers, as well as food service and food processing companies. Basic raw materials are supplied to industrial customers who then process pork into a wide range of meat products.

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